"Be A Smart Professional Real Estate Agent / Coordinator - Unlimited Hours of Lessons - Life Time

Professional Real Estate Agent / CoordinatorProfessional Real Estate Agent / CoordinatorProfessional Real Estate Agent / Coordinator
Build a career in the growing Real Estate industry by mastering concepts in Practical and Management with a top-ranking program in 9 to 12 Hours

We teach you about the selling and leasing of properties, how it is used in reality. Whoever it is, new comer, broker they should be taught in such manner how to apply their knowledge in real professional way of selling and leasing of properties in Sri Lanka.

If you are really interested to become a Smart Professional Real Estate Agent / Coordinator, you can pursue our tuition in.

"We guide you to reach your Goals as your Goals are our Goals too" 
If your Goal is to be "Smart", Our Goal is to make you "Smarter"

  • Languages - Sinhala / English
  • Online individual tuition only on zoom 
  • You can obtain tuition based on Full Course
  • Three hour session time slots can be selected according to your preference
  • Limited number of time slots are available
  1. Basic course for beginners to start as Real Estate Coordinators 
  2. Advance course for the people who has experience as brokers or who has followed the beginers course with some experience to start as Professional Real Estate Agents
  • Message us on WA +94-(0)771-311555 indicating your Name, Nationality and Location of City
Enrolment Procedurevia the following link 
  1. Fill and submit the Student Enrolment Form 
  2. Fill and submit the Tuition Time Slots while Making the Payment