To Prepare Electrical Drawings & BOQs for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Buildings

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Electrical Project Designs

  • LED Lighting fixture design drawings
  • Lighting circuit drawings
  • Power design drawings
  • Power circuit drawings
  • Smart Lighting Designs
  • Lighting Lux level calculations
  • Landscape Lighting & Power Drawings
  • Load calculations
  • Transformer capacity calculations
  • Generator capacity calculations
  • Air conditioning capacity calculations
  • Machinery power calculations
  • Designing of Automatic Transfer Switches
  • Designing of Power and Control Panels
  • Designing of Surge Protection 
  • Single Line Diagrams
  • BOQs

Other Professional Services

  • ELV System designs
  • Lightening Protection
  • Inspection reports
  • Test certificates

Important Notice to Builders

How big or small the building is, the Electrical Wiring Design should be properly calculated, planned and supervised by experienced Electrical Engineers (Not by Electricians, Architects or Other Professionals) to avoid unnecessary breakings and building fires due to electrical faults.

ACAD Building Plan
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Furniture Layout (ACAD)
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Terms of Payments
75% Advance and Balance Prior to release the Documents