Home Alarm System Wireless Detector Security Protection System for House Garage


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Alarm Siren Speaker Loudly Sound Alarm System Kits Wireless Home Alarm Siren Security Protection System for House Garage

Easiest design !Easiest setting! Easiest control !
( Operations can be learned from the video of the product page. )

With least money, get the most functional, qualified and convenient alarm system! No need GSM SIM card! No need telephone line! Emergency Function! Power off memory Function!

This machine mainly has the anti-theft alarm and a doorbell function, the host can manage 34 wireless accessories, 8 remote control device , and 4 wireless doorbell.

Alarm Function---When the Infrared Sensors , Door Sensors ,Smoke Detectors or any other accessories are triggered, the host will be issued alarm sound.

Doorbell Function--- Doorbell function mainly consists of doorbell, host, power, remote control. When you press the blue button of the doorbell, the host will send out the sound to remind the owner to open the door.


New Upgrade Function: One key to learn the alarm accessories, Easy and simple operation.

1,press "arm" key on the remote controller,and then the siren will at work at protect your house

2,when the door sensors, PIR sensors,Curtain detectors or other sensors be tiggered,this siren will sound to deter thieves


Q: Do I need to order an alarm panel (control center) for this siren?

A: No,this siren work as an alarm system,it can work with wireless sensors to protect your house.

Q: Does this siren system support add extra sensors or remote controllers?How many?

A: Yes!This siren alarm system with 32 wireless zones,it can work with 6 remote controllers and 32 wireless sensors

Q: Can I control 2 or more sirens by using 1 remote controllers or more?For example,I have 6 rooms and want to install 6 sirens and all control by 2 or more controllers?

A: Yes! User can use 1 remote controller to control 2 or more siren systems,or 1 sensors work with 2 or more siren.


1. Host speaker

Size: L*W*H 12mm * 10.2mm * 11mm

Power: AC 110-240V

the wireless operating frequency: 433MHz

the use of the environment: stability: 0 -55 ,Relative Humidity: 40% -70%

the alarm sound: greater than 100 db

2. Motion PIR Infrared Detector(with DC9V Battery Included and Wall Mounting)

Standby Current: less than 12uA

Alarm Current:less than 15mA

Operation Temp: -10C~50C;Humidity:no more than 90%

Installation Height: About 2M. Installation Angel:About 60~110

Detecting Distance: 5-8M

Transmissons Time no less than 1s

Wireless frequence : 433MHz

Transmit Distantce:Outdoor 100M(noobstacle), Indoor:10~15M

3.Door / Windor Sensor(with DC12V Battery Included)

Operation Current:8~15mA

Quiescent Current:3uA

Operation Freq:433MHz

Operation Temp: -10C~50C; Humidity:no more than 90%

Installation: less than 15mm between 2 parts.

Transmit Distantce:Outdoor 100M(noobstacle),Indoor:10M

4.Remote Control(with DC12V Battery Included)

Operation Current:10MA

Operation Freq:433MHz

2262 Learning Code

Work of Alarm System

4 Button:Arm Away Mode, Arm At home Mode, Emergency Mode and Disarm Mode)

Sending Distantce:Outdoor 80~100M(noobstacle), Indoor:8~10M Operation Temp: -10C~50C;Humidity:90%

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