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1) Minimize foreign slave employment in Middle Eastern Countries especially for house maids and labour grades, in which their families are ruined. 

2) We should make the lowest salary around 150,000/- ranging up to Rs. 200,000/- per month (as at May 2020) for minor employment grades in Sri Lanka, to limit foreign slave employment 

3) The above is possible by standardizing of all wages for all minor grades depending on the qualifications, experience and capabilities. 

4) We can employ this category in Rubber, Tea, Coconut Estates, Construction Sites etc., as well as in Houses as House maids, and other commercial establishments, where they should be paid EPF, ETF, OT, while they are provided with all necessary uniforms, tools, equipment, overalls, safety gear etc. making their living standards better

5) By limiting slave employment we can improve our local industries such as Tea, Rubber, Coconut estates, construction and manufacturing and export Industry where the labour and technical grades are a scarcity in Sri Lanka

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