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1) Develop or increase in mental capacity by education and experience of the people.. 

2) Should educate them as much as possible and change their attitudes and mentality while improving their disciplinary ways. 

3) Should be trained to do a job in what ever the capacity he/she could do and Motivate them to do what they can do, earn and make a living without expecting everything free from the government or some one else. Samurdhi programme should be abolished gradually or should retain only for the identified needy people.

4) Motivate and educate them to come up in their lives to higher positions for better living standards. 

6) Motivate to do higher studies, a business or a job after 18 years of age. 

7) The leaders should come up with a solution to minimize the difference in qualities, wealth and humanity between all grades of Sri Lankans. 

8) Motivate people to dress well to suit the location, function, situation while improving manners and personal attire.

9) To make possible for every Sri Lankan to travel in his/her own vehicle and to own his/her own house for better living.

10) The leaders should organize special free classes in schools, digital media to educate with positive thinking and nothing is impossible for desired people in every sector in Sri Lanka

11) The living and working standards should be improved like follows:- Some examples

  1. A technician should visit a client in a well equipped vehicle with all necessary tools, ladders, equipment, measuring and testing equipment with wearing safety gear etc with the government approved certificate.
  2. The farmers should be well dressed with safety gear and work with machinery while improving the yield and the quality for all sort of farming to improve the harvest to suit the exports.
  3. The tea Estate owners should improve the quality of standard of the Tea Pluckers by issuing correct type of working clothes with boots, goggles, cap /hat etc., and the machinery for plucking tea and manuering. When the tea pluckers living standards are improved, the next generation too will continue employment with the parents without hunting jobs in Colombo or over seas, and the labour problems can be solved in the estates and even in other industries.
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