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1) Every Proprietorship or Limited Liability Company Should be registered and obtain a Business Registration Certificate. 

2) They should pay 5% Income Tax to the Inland Revenue Department. 

3) 3Wheelers, Taxi Drivers, Bus Drivers or every vender should register his/her business. No body can do any business or sell any item / service unless only a personal belonging without a Business Registration Certificate. 

4) Individuals / government employees can not get involved in any business. It has to be either an employee or a businessman. Anybody who wants to do business will have to join a company as a proprietor or a share holder. There can be 3 Wheeler Taxi / Bus Companies or Service Provider Companies etc.

 5) Individual Electricians, Carpenters, Masons, Plumbers, Daily Wage Earners or any other service provider can not do any business without a business registration and a valid certificate in the relevant field while maintaining their P&L records and paying taxes to the relevant authority.

6 ) Individuals who want to provide the service have to work under a relevant company or register as a business.

 7) Every business should pay an Income Tax of 5% to the Inland Revenue Department on every sale. 

8) The business owner/owners should be educated enough and have sufficient experience to run a business with methodically and with a profit while providing a professional service to the clients without cheating, robbing and mis leading.

9) Politicians should not be involved in any form of business, and they should only be dependent from their monthly salary and other benefits provided by the government to concentrate only on the development of the country.

10) Every business owner should maintain a bank account and proper accounts while submitting audit reports to the relevant departments

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