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1) Government Institutes, Departments, Corporations, Boards etc., should be privatized with foreign investors with 51%-49% basis

2) There should be competition between Government and private sector Institutes 

3)There should be new private sector companies with foreign investors  

(a) Railway 

(b) SLTB 

(c) Sri Lankan Air LInes

(d) Three Wheeler Companies (District Basis - 24 Companies)

(e) Water Board (Provincial Basis - 9 Companies)

(f) Electricity Board (Provincial Basis - 9 Companies)

(g) Garbage Cleaning (Provincial / District basis - 24 Companies)

(h) Road Construction (Provincial / District basis - 24 Companies)

4) Re development of the closed Industries as Private Sector Companies such as the following with an aim of local distribution and exports to neibouring countries

(a) Paper Mill at Valachchinei

(b) Plywood Corporation 

(c) Sugar Corporation

(d) Kelani Tyre Corporation

(e) Pugoda, Veytex, K-tex, Thultex, Gihan Tex, 

(f) Canning Factories

(g) Upali Car Manufacturing Company - Fiat, Mazda, Colt with new models

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