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Proposal To Resolve the Dollar Crisis with a permanent solution within 1 to 3 months US$ 500,000,000/- (Five Hundred Million US$) or SLRs.180,000,000,000/- One Hundred and Eighty Billion SLRs.

1st to do 

a) To set up a cabinet with honest and educated professionals.  

b) The present tax of 100% should be minimized to 0 to 5% to encourage the foreign investors to purchase properties in Sri Lanka.

1) Encourage foreign investors from all over the world to invest in not only large scale industries but in Small and Medium scale industries too. 

2) Foreign Investors should not be only from India or China but all over the world. Then Sri Lanka will not be a colony of either China or India. 

3) Any businessman who runs any Small, Medium or Large scale business, industry, establishment can invite foreign investors to invest in their businesses to improve and expand to better standards. 

4) Foreigners can invest only a maximum of 49% shares of the business. Minimum of 51% shares should be by the local investors. 

5) As there are millions of retired foreigners interested in investing and living in Sri Lanka, this is the best method to solve the dollar crisis as a permanent solution. 

6) The present tax of 100% should be minimized to 5% to encourage the foreign investors to purchase properties in Sri Lanka. What ever the property purchased by a foreigner should be through the particular company and the property belongs to the company only. 

7) The companies with foreign investments should pay 5% income tax to the relevant authority. 

8) The foreigners can not send the profit or the share they earn, back to their countries, but to re invest in Sri Lanka either with another local businessman or with the same business for improvements and development purposes. 

9) The foreigners who invest in Sri Lanka can get the permanent residency and live with their families 

10) If a foreign investor wants to leave the country, he/she can sell his/her share to another foreign or local investor and leave the country. He/she can not take his money back to his/her country but to re invest while operating from overseas or donate the sum to a non profit organization  or any other person whom he/she wishes 

11) To announce for the people in Sri Lanka to come up with their own business proposals who need foreign investment and to publish in a website created by another business man / Government to attract foreign investors mentioning the perks which will be enjoyed by the foreign investors. 

12) If we can select 10,000 local businessmen with a minimum of US$ 50,000/- foreign investments each, Sri Lanka can get US$. 500,000,000/- (US$. Five Hundred Million). That means exchange rate @ Rs. 360/- SLRs. 180,000,000,000/- (Sri Lankan Rupees One hundred and eighty billion) This can be increased to without any limits. This can be achieved with in three months by giving publicity in local media and foreign media as well. 

13) This will be a permanent immediate solution to overcome the Dollar Crisis in Sri Lanka rather than depending on loans from other countries and IMF.

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