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One to One Questions & Answers - Online

  • Be smart and confidant with your degree and present work experience of education.

  • Be conversant with the practical and easy way of Calculating, Designing Implementing and Handling of Electrical Installations, Breakdowns, Repairs and Maintenance.

  • Suitable for

    • The students who have followed our courses - 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E
    • Electrical Engineers with Experience, but yet to explore more on certain subjects
    • Assistant Electrical Engineers who are engaged in the Construction Industry.

    • Students can select any subject / lesson until he/she is confident for any number of hours

    • "The Return on Investment is Endless".

    • Inquiries - Message on WhatsApp - +94-(0)771-311555


This is not Just Class Room Education - But One to One Online Professional Tuition with Discussions, Questions, Answers, Trouble Shooting and Quick Methods to Keep all the tricks In Mind for Life Time.

  • Module 01

  1. Any lesson in Etiquette & Conduct - The Secrets Of Turning You Into A Well-Mannered Professional And Accelerate Your Professional Image
  • Module 02

  1. Any Lesson in Electrical Installations related to the Construction Industry

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